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Check out OSAATLC's Wishlist on Amazon

Here is the link to OSAATLC's Wishlist,

and follow these steps: 

  • Shop your favorite organization’s Charity List.

  • Select and donate items from the list.

  • Ship to the charity. At Checkout, check the box for the organization’s shipping address for the item(s) to be delivered to the respective charity.

Also an easy way to support OSAATLC is to link OSAATLC to your Prime shopping account. It's easy to do:

1.Log into your Amazon account

2. Search Amazon Smile

3.Click the Amazon Smile banner at the top of the page

4.Search "One Step At A Time Lake County"

5. Click on One Step At A Time Lake County.


That's it. There is no additonal cost to you. 0.5% of all of your purchases are donted to OSAATLC directly by Amazon. 

We are looking for volunteers can help get our donated home ready for the winter. We need the gutters cleaned on the house and the garage, yard cleanup, and the materials and labor for a new privacy fence. 


Thanks for submitting!

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